9 – 10 October 2021

10h00 – 16h00

Event with a maximum of 1000 visitors at a time on the Covid-Check location

Covid Check


The CovidCheck system is a system applicable to events open to the public, where entry is reserved exclusively for people (customers, guests, spectators, staff, supervisors) who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested negative (by a certified negative result). Children under 6 years of age are exempt from performing a COVID-19 test certificate.

We do NOT perform rapid tests on site. You need a valid QR code to enter!

Saturday 9 October: Impf-Bus

Not yet vaccinated? Come and join us in our vaccination bus:

Vianden Gare *click*

Your vaccination will be done in the bus without an appointment.


Stand No Association
A Music
10h-12h: Veiner Strëpp
12h-14h: Fifty-Fifty
14h-16h: VDG
1 An Elo
2 DT Orania
3 Grenzlandjäger
4 Fëscherclub
5 Beieverein
6 Veiner Jungsodalen
7 FC Orania
8 Dourolux
9 Veiner Musik
10 Beim Petter
11 Croissant d’Or
12 Veiner Gesang
13 Mi-Cuit
14 Auberge de l’Our